Polo t-shirts for men are an ideal summer staple and one of the most versatile shirts any one can talk about. Every gentleman you ask will own at least a few polo t-shirts. When we ask them what is so special about these tees, a never-ending list begins – they are the best quality t-shirts for men, they are the most stylish t-shirts, they can be paired with just about anything in the wardrobe (chinos, madras, shorts),they are perfect for leisure wear and casual parties. If you are planning a visit to a golf course, tennis court beach or just around the town, you will notice that half the men out there wear polo t-shirts to add to their charm and personality. 

Polo Shirts Origins: Rene Lacoste and India

The exact history of polo t-shirts is untraceable but most people believe it was originally developed in the 1920s by a tennis star named Rene Lacoste. However, some historians have also traced its origin back to themid-1800s in Manipur, India.

Apparently, polo grew popular as a sport in India when British Army soldiers witnessed a polo match between locals and took it upon themselves to open the first polo club in the world. Earlier, polo t-shirts for men were long sleeved shirts made from thick cotton with broad collars. But due to excessive heat and discomfort during summer games, polo t-shirts saw a transition. Now, they had buttons attached to the shirt collar to prevent flapping when the horse galloped. When these soldiers returned to Britain in 1862, they introduced polo to their homeland. 

The First Polo Horse Logo 

Whenever you think of a polo t-shirt, you remember its signature embroidered logo that is attached to the left chest. It depicts a polo player sitting atop a horse. It is said that a fashion designer and polo player Lewis Lacey introduced a lighter version of the polo shirt with this logo in his stores in the Buenos Aires. 

Sports and Polo T-shirts

Casual Plain Knitted White Polo tshirt


A new dawn was seen in comfortable, practical sportswear when Lacoste cut short the sleeves to escape the problem of rolling up sleeves in a game of tennis. This idea of a half sleeved polo t-shirt was picked up by another tennis player, Fred Perry, who adopted the white polo t-shirt and stitched his iconic logo onto it as opposed to ironing. 

It was in the 1950s that teenagers started opting for polo t-shirts as comfortable fashion wear, which marked a new era for polo t-shirts. By the 1970s Ralph Lauren was already using polo t-shirts as his signature piece. He went on to brand his new casual wear company as simply ‘POLO’. 

Fast Forward to the 21st Century Polo T-shirts 

The 21ST Century is all about polo t-shirts. From young kids to elderly men, everyone is in love with the comfort and style these tees provide. The best part about polo t-shirts is that it suits all body types – enhancing the parts that you like to showcase and disguising the parts that you do not wish to highlight. They fit everyone (only when you are buying the right size for yourself, of course).

With so many options for polo t-shirts, how can you choose what’s best for you? Well, at JustNotTag, we offer a variety of options - from stylish to printed polo t-shirts for men. And yes, polos are cheap t-shirts for men that fit every budget. We are also your guide for all matters polo. So, keep reading. 

Choose Your Polo Fabric 

Polo t-shirts are termed comfortable for a reason. Its fabric is light and suited for summers. However, not all fabrics suit all. You need to be cautious while selecting your polo t-shirt. 

If you are of a heavier build with a wider physique and want something less accentuating around your chest and stomach, then pique cottons are the best choice for you. If you are someone who is not body conscious, you can go for cotton and cotton-blend fabrics. These are more comfortable, sleek and modern than pique cotton. You can also style cotton blend polo t-shirts underneath a jacket for a more sporty and casual look. 

Which Polo Color Should You Choose?

Casual Plain Viscose Yellow Polo Tops


Earlier, polo t-shirts used to come in solid colors but now even the sky is not the limit when it comes to choosing colors for a polo t-shirt. However, as a general rule, most people opt for plain muted colors when they are first trying out polo tees. Yet, you can choose as per the location or occasion. For a beach vacation, you can go for printed polo t-shirts. For a more casual look, you can go for single color polo t-shirts. And for a golf match, a plain white polo t-shirt works the best –that’s the rule and we didn’t make it. Most importantly, you should choose the color you are confident in and flaunt your style.

Do’s and Don’ts of Polo T-shirts

You can never go wrong with a polo t-shirt but this guide will keep you far from making any fashion disasters. 

Do wear a fitted polo t-shirt but make sure it is not tight. There’s a difference and you have to look for it if you want the outcome to be as planned. Fitted polo t-shirts will accentuate your look. Don’t worry if you are someone who is bigger in size as polo t-shirts are made from good quality cottons that easily blend with your body and hide all your flaws.

Don’t wear anything underneath a polo t-shirt. Remember, polo t-shirts are designed for summers. If you wear it on top of something, chances are that it will mess up with your entire look. 

Do choose the right length for your polo t-shirt. A polo t-shirt should reach the mid of your back. If you want a sleek finish, you will have to trust us on this. 

Don’t lift up your collar unless you are still a teenager. It looks really messy and un-cool. If you want a more subtle look, keep your collars down because that’s how it is supposed to be!

Lastly, do as you please with tucking your tee in or leaving it out. It is completely up to you because both the styles rock in their own ways. If you want a more formal look, try tucking in your polo t-shirt and if you want a casual look, leave your tee as is.


That’s about it! Our guide to everything you should know about polo t-shirts is complete. JustNotTag is always there for you to help you choose and shop your favorite polo t-shirts. And for all the ladies out there, polo t-shirts can be styled by you too! Choose from our unisex collection of polo t-shirts and get going! Moreover, cheap polo t-shirts for men and women are a necessity in today’s fashion world and we are here to help you get the best look for your vacations, sports and even meetings!