Classic outfits can never die and a varsity jacket is one of them. Now, the question is, even after choosing the right one, how are you gonna wear it? Scroll down to explore how to wear a varsity jacket in numerous ways.

Choose something that can never go out of fashion - a varsity jacket, a style of the past that has now become America's new trend for clothing. From celebrities to influencers, sport-persons to the cheer-persons, everyone is trying this season's coolest look. Do you want to know why? - because you can style in multiple ways with them.

Here, you only need to know how to wear a varsity jacket and be the attention grabber. Are you still hesitant to opt for this look? Well There is no need to get afraid, Just No tag is here to help you with varsity jacket fashion trends.

1. Classic Style - Choose The Minimal

    If you are one of those people who do not want to try something cheesy and flattering, in terms of  looks, then you should try the “classic look”, opt for minimal designs for your varsity jacket outfits. For your top and bottom, dress in monochrome designs and for shoes, you should go with finely polished Derby shoes. Here, your classic look is ready to grab the charm.

    2. Sporty and Street Look - a Fashion of the Season

      In 2021, the versatile varsity jacket outfits give you an urban aesthetic modern street look. Here, you need to choose an outstanding and roughly patched varsity jacket that has been designed with multi colours, especially at its wrist and waist to dress up with a graphic tee, ribbed jeans, metallic belt, leather baseball cap and high-node sneakers. You'll be amazed to find out that you're rocking with this look that can be sporty and street at the same time.

      3. Go For Casual - Timeless Fashion

        What comes to your mind, if the word casual is used in the aspect of fashion? Of course, denim jeans, a chambray shirt, Converse High-tops Chuck Taylor shoes and a versatile varsity jacket and here you're all set for the casual look. If you style this look with a leather multilayer bracelet then it'll be like a cherry on top. 

        4. Party Look - Casual and Smart

          Do you have a party night just after your office shift? Then, the smart casual look can help you crack the deal. Give some makeover to your varsity jacket outfits by wearing a two-toned varsity jacket over your formal dress. Here, you need to be careful with your formal trousers and shoes. So, don't forget to dress it up with smart chinos, golden accessories, aviator shades and canvas low-tops shoes. Make the color combination wisely. Now, you're all set to rock the floor.

          5. Sophisticated Look - Opt For a Great Sense of Fashion

            Don't want to explore too much with your look but still want a little makeover with a great taste of fashion because you are afraid of being “too out there”. Then, varsity jacket fashion is the right choice for you. You only need to pair it with white jeans, light-brown sneakers, white-grey round-neck T-shirt. You can also explore the color combination of each of the suggested items. 

            If you have gone through this blog then I can safely assume that “What to wear with a varsity jacket”  is no more a concern of yours. In America, fashion is ever changing. So, why are you clinging to old-fashioned tricks? Keep updating your fashion sense with Just No Tag, and at last i would like to conclude with:  “If you were looking for the answers for “how to style a varsity jacket?” Then, you have come to the right place and by now you must have got your answer.”